Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in orange_light,
Girla Obscura

Nikon EM Troubles

(Sorry to cross- post)

Since a lot of ppl with drakrooms have SLR cameras, I thought someone on here could help.

I have a Nikon EM SLR camera and lately the shutters been acting up.

Nothing looks abnormal on the back when you open it up.

When you try to press the shutter, the mirror flips up to exposed the shutter doors:

But then the shutter won't open, even if set to Bulb. I can't advance the film. I tried this with and with out film. I can move the lever inside the camera to move the mirro back down:

But then it seems like it's not down all the way maybe?

and when I hit the trigger all that happens is the mirror flips up again and nothing else.

About three days ago it did this for teh first time. I was bale to fiddle with the lever inside the camera, something came "free" like it was stcuka nd it worked fine through about two rolls of film. Now it's done this again and I can't get it "unstuck" if that's indeed the problem. I've had this camera with out any problems for almost a year but it was bought at a pawn shop (still the the box) so who knows what it's past is like.

Any suggestions? I would really like to learn how to fix this camera myself. Thanks!
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