Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in orange_light,
Girla Obscura

Your darkroom

For those of you out there that have your own darkroom, what does it look like? I decided to show my spread and explain my tricks. Hopefully we'll learn something cool from each other :).


Appologises, my darkroom was a bit messy at the time.

art show flyers as you walk in

All my goodies in the linen closet :).

Enlarger with correct exposure times/filter charts taped to mirror, hand timer, and yes, nice smelling hand soaps! :) (Notice hung photos in the mirror)

Same area showing safe light.

When my suction cup hanger refuses to stay on the side of the shower I stuck it here :).

shot with the tripod in the forground, Nikon still attached.

chemicals and tp under the sink :).

drying recently exposed pictures and test strips, freshly put away chemicals, random light for shooting.

a shot of the chemicals and their bins. Tongs put away on the wall, random test strip on side of the tub and of course a sheet of times in each chemicals for reminders.

used chemicals await a trip to the local camera shop to be recycled properly.

enlarger again with some 120 format slides up out of the way to be studied and contemplated later on.

Where all the good lil' test strips go, in a drawer in the sink. Marked with fstops and time via sharpie marker.
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