Just a face behind a lens (ex_followthe697) wrote in orange_light,
Just a face behind a lens


Hello. I just created this journal as a photo journal of sorts and found this community. During my Senior year in high school I took a black and white photography class and absolutely fell in love with it. I hope to some day be able to have my own dark room of sorts so that I can continue with black and white photography. But for now almost all the pictures I take are digital because I'd much rather develop black and white pictures myself than have them commercially developed.

Anyway. I just wanted to say hello. As I get my journal going I'll probably be posting here quite a bit. I'm always open for suggestions and whatnot with photography; I feel it's the best support I can get when someone takes time enough to give constructive criticism and suggestions instead of just saying that they do or don't like my pictures.

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