I Lie About My Past (tramstopdan) wrote in orange_light,
I Lie About My Past

Light Meter Question

I know this forum is more for darkroom questions, but I have one regarding my new (to me, 1950 vintage) Weston Master II Light Meter. It is actually a cine meter (half of the exposure is given in fps (frames per second) the other half in f-stops); it was originally used for motion picture metering so it has no shutter speeds on the dial.

I did a little digging and found that 24fps ~= 1/50 shutter speed for the purposes of metering.
Is this correct and if so how do I convert the rest of the dial?

or is all of that irrelevant because it has an EV reading that may well correspond to the EV settings on my Rolleicord?

Thanks in advance.
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